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Summary of 2003-2004 projects conducted at the Children's Centers

Faculty Sponsor Primary Experimenter Affiliation Title
Fredrickson Conway Social Psych
Social work
Emotions, Behaviors, and Stressors in the Lives of Young Children and their Families
Gelman Barres Developmental Psych
Social Work
Children's Understanding of Illness
Gelman Martinelli/Kleinberg Developmental Psych Do Children Have a Shape Bias?
Gelman Hollander Developmental Psych Generic Expressions and the Construction of Kinds: Links between Language and Category Knowledge
Gelman Raman Developmental Psych Structural Alignment of Generics
Gelman Kleinberg Developmental Psych General Category Information
Hirschfeld Bartmess Social Psych Children's Beliefs about How Physical Traits are Passed from Parents to Children
Kitayama Duffy Social Psych Spatial Reasoning and Representation in Children
Lumeng Hillman Medical The Children's Snacking Study
Shatz Tare Developmental Psych Children's Understanding of Time
Wellman Clark/Lalonde Developmental Psych Performance on an Emotionally Modified False Belief Task
Wellman Liu Developmental Psych Young Children's Early Trait Reasoning
Wellman Liu Developmental Psych Development of Deontic Reasoning
Wellman Liu Developmental Psych Social Rules and Obligations
Younker Lee Music Gender Preferences in Musical Instrument Selection

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